first work with my tablet

I finnely got my tablet 1 or 2 weeks ago and i worked a bit mainly with flash.

it is a lot of fun.

there is nothing that amayzing because most of them are not my pur creation they where copied from real picture but there it it

there is on of the first one i made. didn’t take really long
a friend sended me a picture so it was a good way to try out
here is without the colors
copy of a drawing i found somewhere
and here is my latest. I found this picture that a friend sended me to show his suit. lol

please tell me what you think

Loving the last one - great style! Keep up the good work!

what is the program that you use to do that

digital_me: thanks

click here: it was made with flash mx 2004

wow i didn’t know you could do that with flash of course i haven’t learned to much about it.