First work

This is my first attempt at blender.
I followed a tutorial and came out with this. My bf helped me with the lighting though.

Any suggestions?


From another newbie: good work! Keep learning!

Looks good. Add some shadows and it will look better


For a first work , congratulation :slight_smile:

very good first work :smiley:
mabye turning on the blender stars will make it look like snow is falling?

keep blending :smiley:

Really nice :smiley:

And… just a little question, did you find anything that could be improved in the tutorial ? (apart from the part about the light… it’s bad… I should rewrite it but I’m still not good enough at light)
Because, from the scene I supposed you followed my tut, and I wanted it to be very understandable so I’m always asking people if they find it ok or not. %|

is there any particular reason why youi are using AO (ambient Occlusion)?

that’s why the shadows look so grainy…

well, i still think that it looks very nice

the lighting still annoys me a bit…


Hey thats awesome! I like the trees the best.

Nice for a first work. Hope you make better ones

Thanks for all the compliments :slight_smile:

I didn’t know there was an option to turn on blender stars …where is it? lol

Yeah I plan to make better ones in the future when I learn the program :wink:

press F5 and then the world buttons (pic of the world) and then stars in the options

Dead link :frowning:

Okay I did what you said and this is what I got. I played around with the buttons and I couldn’t get them to show up more. As in whiter kinda thing.
Do you know of an easy tutorial for this?



sorry dont know any tutorials :frowning:

but try reducing Star dist, Min dist and increasing the size (there under the star button)

hope that helps, :slight_smile: