First working SWF Exporter (V1.2)

Hi, This is the first version of my Blender Exporter to SWF files. Try it ! and give me your comments and bug reports (This version only works for version 2.28c, 2.31, 2.32).

PLEASE [!] Reply to this post I will not answer personal e-mails (unless you have a job opportunity to offer me :wink: ).

Visit and click over the Blender Drop. :smiley:

Check this:

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Very, very good work, i like it !
Only one thing which is boring, there is a window refresh bug when, the mouse roll over the palette area and then get out the script window.
Also notice this:
This bug is obsolete if, before get out the script window we push on one of the four sliders up the palette area.

Thank !


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cool 8)


It’s very good for my ! :smiley:

really wonderful news!!!

hem… I’m a dumb man… where is the downloadable script?
I’ve d’loaded the demo logo.blend file, but if I save the script it doesn’t work in a new file… maybe requires a specific name to be saved to…

Hi, first open the logo.blend goto the Text Window select the and press the right mouse button, when the menu appears select save. This will save the script on your default current directory. Repeat this operation with the and the Remember to save them with the same name.
Open your new blender file, goto the Text window and press the right mouse button to select Load option. Load the three scripts and run the
In my page there is a short tutorial on how to compile them!
Have Fun


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This is great !!! :smiley:

Downloading NOW !!! :smiley:

excellent work, really promising :smiley:

First of all, congratulations. This looks like the start of something good. Perhaps even the genesis of an open source Flash lib for 2d and 3d. (Sticking it to Macromedia would almost be as sweet as installing OpenOffice was a jab at MS. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyway, when I click on the Preview button it messes up the entire Blender display - it renders the blue background colour over every window in the Blender interface. I assume this isn’t an undocumented feature? :wink:


looks great, but even if i dont press a button, my screen gets blue. i need to change the view to see it again. but my buttons (materials, etc) are gone. if i try other option besides wired, and hit preview, the script return to text mode. and if i click export with the default configuration, it says that i got a python error. why???

i think I am gonna cry =_=

THANK YOU, this is an awsome script!

This looks great, does anyone have some example movies exported already that we could try out?


Please include a copie of the python error so I can track the problem.


when i change the wired button to shaded, and the script goes back to text mode, i got this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 2447, in bevent
File “”, line 805, in CalcFrame
IndexError: list index out of range

running windows 2000, blender 2.32

Download again the file at the same address.

This script works only with Meshes. If you have other type of objects you have to converted to a mesh.

Also, the Python error reported seems that in your model you have a face with less than 3 vertices, somewhere. I will modify the code to solve this but meanwhile remove all doubles, faces with less that 3 points. And try again.

This looks amazing man. Good work

Blend On! (Flash On?)


I got a bit of a problem…

the export messed up all the faces! <---- all the faces are inverted I think, plus I tried normaling it both ways still the same result, must it be a closed mesh?