First works

Hello there.

I would like to share with you a couple of my latest work.
To be honest those are my only work :smiley: I do not count test renders.

Rendering in Vray
Postpro photoshop for first one and blender compositor for second.

I think the one with the laptop is really good. There is good lighting and the textures don’t look bad. I also really like the camera positioning.

The second one with the chair could use some lighting work. It is too dark in my opinion. Getting a good night lighting is really difficult because your natural instinct is to make it dark, but then it becomes too dark to see anything. You may want to try getting a soft purple lighting in there to brighten things up a bit. Of course, you have way more control because you can actually modify the scene, but try bumping the light a bit, and give it a purple/blue hue and it will be better. Unless you want to get a warmer scene of course, then bump the reds and oranges.

Overall, the modeling is looks top notch.