first yafray render

Hey guys! this is my first render that looks very realistic, I took some members advice and started to model things like rings and chess pieces so here is my finished ring:) please comment and let me know what u think:yes: i learned it from a tutorial that was very helpful. Im still a beginner and Im still learning everyday thanks to everyone on this forum! also here is a wire mesh for those interested.


maybe ill practice some more with this technique, i like it:)

It looks nice! I’ve tried a little at Yafray, but I never really got into it all. I’m a BI kind of guy. Definitely have seen some impressive results in Yafray, though. :slight_smile:

Nice work. I think a little more light would make the image better. Yafray is indeed fun to play with. Nice to see all those sparkly caustics coming from your model, isn’t it?

oh yeah its alot of fun and i feel more comfortable with blender now, also i might try to do something in the future with this kind of thing like put two rings in there u know? with some diamonds or something.i think ill continue with my character ive been working on, keep an eye out for it! thanks for the comments

Simple scene but extremely realistic result! Beautiful the caustics in the ring, a pity Blender Internal can’t do that!