firstperson control problem

I have another problem when i press r it doesn’t rotate.That keeps on happening.

It rotates when I press R.

Their seems to be somebody hacking the blend.When i press the up arrow it keeps going forwards.Could the hack be detected?

Is there a way to see what is going screwy with the logic bricks?

What’s happening, is you have a sensor “Property” which triggers when the property “WALK” is between 1 and 40. While that sensor is true, it’s triggering the motion actuator and moving the character forward. “WALK” is probably getting the frame number of the walk action.

You’re getting lost in your own logic bricks because they are not named meaningfully, or organized in any logical way. Try cleaning it up a little, and label your bricks so you (and us) can make better sense of what they do.

Both positive pulse and negative pulse were on for one logic brick.I did not know they were both clicked on.