Fish and Alfred

Hello everyone,

I wanted to create this character named Fish, and his little imaginary/projected friend, Alfred, both made for a personnal project.
I made these guys on blender, using also Zbrush, and substance Painter, mainly. I then made a quick complete rigg for both of them. The glitch effect on Alfred was made on blender, and rendered on an other pass.
This is a render made on Cycles and I worked the passes on photoshop.
I will add details, such as passes, other poses for them, and hopefully, an animation !

I will add more images here, on my portfolio :

Please, don’t hesitate to share any kind of feedbacks, positive or negative if you wish to, and thank you for reading.


I definitely like the concept!

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thank you, this is really nice of you !

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Whoops, I forgot to add the link!

Wow! Awesome, thank you! Have an excellent weekend too!

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