fish animation

look at

Hey man, that was a neat little anim… like having a little aquarium on my desktop.

Very nice work.

The fish movement was very well thought out and executed.


Hey that is cool. I like the movements too. I’ve seen fish do that thing at the bottom before.
Thanks for sharing.


Really nice!

Good job.


that is a fairly convincing animation of a fish. I assume that the backdrop is a real picture, because the fish dosn’t seem to touch the bottom when it pecks at the bottom.

Also, the tail seems to sit still while the rest of the fish moves around. Usually either the entire fish wiggles or it is just the tail.

It also dosn’t use the flippers (arms). Those are usually used when turning or backing up, so they constantly go around while near the bottom feeding like that.

Also, I have never see a fish with fins that solid. Most are semi-transparent.

I have a fish, so I see them move quite a bit.

Sorry if that is a bit harsh, but those are the things that I spotted.