Fish Boot

Hey guys! Here is my latest work, originally it started as a funny sketch I drew to make my friend laugh. :slight_smile:
Thanks for looking!


It’s funny indeed, and well done!
I like it!


Very funny. The model is very nice but the overall composition could be more dynamic imho.
nice image anyway!

It reminds me of the fish friend from Megamind movie.

So cute :slight_smile:

I love it!

Its great!

Is the sand procedural?

Awesome! Fantastic use of materials and the character itself reminds me of Earthworm Jim for some reason :smiley: I’d love to know your material setup for the fish tank, or if it’s just created in post.

This is nice. Shouldn’t it be Fish Bot?

Looks great. Very derpy fish

Aww~ love the fishy :smiley:

Thanks guys! <3

I used a lot of the materials for this from Reyn’s Cycles Material Vault. The water is a modified wine material from that. It’s glass with some volume density. Sand material is also from CMV.

I named the little dude Fish Boot as a bit of a joke. Thought it fit the character. :slight_smile:

This is awesome. Make it an animation where the eyes are essentially googly eyes that shift around with every turn of the body. Making it look like the fish has no agency at all in the movements. I love it!

cuteness and funny character. why dont you start to animate it to make it so fun movement!

Made me lol hard. Great idea, model, textures, render and everything :slight_smile:

nice concept :slight_smile:

if the texturing and overall look was a bit more cartoony, I could see it being a new enemy in splatoon

It is really Cute!
I Love it!

Haha, that’s cool. It reminds me of the Robofish from Timesplitters

Definitely put a smile on my face. Nice work :slight_smile: