fish bowl


i’m trying to make a fish bowl out of suzanne :evilgrin:

c&c are welcome



As simle as it is - I really like it … it has some kind of really cool look

-Just add some good looking water XD

it looks very cool! I think you need a better background, maybe not a scene but a studio setup.

Nice Job! I love the Suzanne style of bowl you made. Also love the material of glass. It looks realistic!


here’s another update :slight_smile:

i’ll be working on the background now :slight_smile:




Very nice!

You could probably stand to raise the water level a little bit in the bowl, it seems a little awkward where its at. (Maybe to right in the middle of her eyes?) I agree with the comments about the shader, very nice work there. And as for background, I would take the time to create a table or dresser or whatever a fish bowl usually sits on, then put that in the corner of a room or something, and use an image of a room as the world texture to get all the reflections in the bowl. I think that would look good.

Nice job overall, though.

Hello there Paulo!
Just see today this post! I’ve been fighting with a shader problem for a wille, and now
I see it also in your fish bowl… I’m refering to very square/sparky and hard sepcular highlights, it looks like it’s out of reach or something, one thing I’m chure is that in real life that doesn’t hapen, but Blender seems to insists in generate them when using some reflections and ray transparenci setings :frowning:
Anyway very cool fish bowl you have there :wink:
I agree with Guitar87 now all that is missing is a set :stuck_out_tongue:
keep it going!