Fish cartoon

I am now woking on a fish to improve my modeling skills and I need some crits on what I can do to improve the modeling or any ideas on how Ican texture it.
I hope these images give enough of An idea on the shape of the fish.

I think you have a good start.

Organic = Irregular. Even “symmetrical” natural objects are not perfectly symmetrical, there are variations. This also applies to the texturing.

Here is an update all I did was add a quick scene and different fins.
the scene is not complete I will have that finished soon then when I am done with that I hope to animate him swimming by a school of fish.

Hmm, it looks really nice, but the specularity is a bit high, imo. Fish aren’t tht shiny… it looks more like a toy. Otherwise, I love it!

Well, you could go two ways with this and gain equal acceptance for each. You could try for a “fishlike” intelligent fish, a la Nemo, or you could go for something like Thomas the Tank Engine, which looks like no railroad locomotive I’ve ever seen but which is beloved by many people. (And lucrative, too.) :wink:

Offhand, I’d say let’s do Thomas. I rather like the latest image as a character. Do some work now with materials, to give him believable scales and so-on. But plot your territory as: “This is not realistic; this is a cartoon, a caricature. Now, sit back, I’m gonna tell you a story.” I’ll happily grab my popcorn, sit back on the couch and watch, expecting to be entertained. I’ll expect his performance to be a caricature too. I’ll expect expressiveness in that prominent mouth and eyes.

When are in Cartoon Story Land, it’s okay that the little guy (actually he might not be so “little” …) looks like a blue torpedo! :smiley: Just maybe put a little texture here and there for show. (And if you, the Author, decree that “no, dammit, I like him this way!” … no one can say thee wrong.) When you are in cartoon land, you can do things like this. It’s one of your tools. You do the “drawing” to suit the story and you are really expected to do so. Bugs wasn’t a bunny; Snoopy wasn’t a dog; Tweety wasn’t a bird.

The setting, and the lighting on the character, is also quite nice right now.

This guy could carry a story, and I look forward to seeing the finished short-film.

I’m a newbie to the world of 3D animation, but I since I have seen fishes (lol) I guess I can crit a bit (yay, internal rhyme lol).

I love the background and the body of the fish, it’s awesome! The face, however, looked a tad too human-ish to me. If that was your intention, then that’s perfect. Else, do fishes have noses? Of course, in a cartoon you could always have one. I covered the body of the fish (in your second screen post) with my hand, and the head really looked like a man’s to me. Maybe it needs to be a bit more round.
Again, if that was your intention, it’s great! It works quite well the Thomas way with the current face. And yes, I enjoy Thomas quite a bit. :wink:

It’s a great model, I’d say… I really like the body and the background. It’s just got that great underwater feeling (wavy, I guess, is the right word) . A few more objects could be good as well.

All in all… seems like a fun project! :smiley:

To end all misunderstanding Iwas going for the Thomas look. I have added a few more rocks and seaweed to the seen and I hope to put some choral in there as well then I am going to have to figure out how to put armatures in the fish. I am learning as I go along lol so it will take a bit but I will get it done. me and a friend are working on this together so he’s
comming up with story and concept drawings and I am doing the animating.

Ok heres a new image it has some new rocks and some more weed on the rocks. in the top right corner I am going to add a coral reef and some star fish on the rocks.