Fish Compositing

5 minutes of boredom :no: :spin: :o :smiley:

WTH !!! :v :v :v , now that is Art right there ! welcome to 2015 ! :v :v

That would be one of my better node setups :slight_smile: we should drop all other blender development effort and focus on some mesh to node layout capability!

Haha, I had a great laugh.


Wow, this is great! They’re even connected. :eek:

Incredible! Would you be open to sharing your workflow, or perhaps even sharing the .blend file?

Meta-Art :smiley:

The image is too noisy. Colors are dull. Bad composition+you failed to capture the essence of a fish.

Copy - paste “junkie” :slight_smile:

:evilgrin: :smiley: Mastering of Shift+D