Fish Eye

Hey all have a small problem.

I made this fish and I have him following a path and I want to move his eyes. Well I have the objects in parts like Fishbody, right eye, left eye, right lid, and left lid. So I rotate my Right eye on my fish and then play the animation and the eye does a full rotation and goes to the position. I only moved it a little bit but it wants to make a full rotation before it gets to its position. I am unsure on why it does this when it should only have to move a small amount.

I’m guessing you’re just using the “I” key to insert the key frames - you want to rotate the eye in a negative direction, but blender sees it as a positive direction.
The thing to do is go into the IPO curve for the rotation and change the value by hand from a positive number to the equivalent negative number. In the IPO window select the rotation curve for the proper axis, hit TAB to enter edit mode, press “N” and change the Y value at the bottom right of the resulting panel. Keep in mind that numbers in the IPO window for rotation are divided by 10, i.e. 360 degrees would be entered as “36” for the Y value (this was done to keep the scaling between dissimilar values at a reasonable scale when viewed together).
There may be an easier way to do this by using “I” for keyframe insert, but I know nothing of it.