Fish Model

I was looking through a couple files that I did over the summer and cleaning off my hard drive when I came across this render I did a couple months ago. Let me know what you think!

Mine happens to be the one front and center, and the ones in the background that look exactly like it(of course its pretty easy to tell…haha)…

All made completely within blender with the blender renderer…


No comments? :(…Oh well…thanks for looking anyway :D!!!

I like it; its very realistic. But you might want to blur the shadow on the fin because unless you want the picture to look like it was taken by a diver (with a flash camera) underwater lighting is going to be a little more diffused, which would blur the shadow. :slight_smile:

Great texture! Nice use of polygons!

Good start! I would say that, if possible, make the colors of your fish model more vibrant - they seem a little muted. Taking it to the next level would be to include looking at the mottled lighting due to light refraction in the water and matching it in your scene.

That looks amazing.
But if you look at the fish behind it you’ll see it looks a bit more green than yours.
And i’d suggest a bit of blur on the sides.

Thanks for all the comments!

I will most definitely fix it up to your specs!