Fish Scene

this is my current wip, a underwater scene. I didn’t think it was as near done to put in the finished critique forum. as you can see, i’ve got the basic modeling done and the positions planned out, but i need to work on details and texturing. so far the only acceptable texturing is the sand. i’ve pointed out the places the that need help on texturing with red arrows. i believe the eel and the rock (hardly can tell it’s a rock, i know) need the most texturing work. if anyone could recommend a good method of realistic rock modeling+texturing it would be appreciated. thnx!

sorry search for tuts and couldnt find any nice job overall though

this is a wood texture set to nor, combined with an image texture made with a freeware called ’ caustics generator '. i also used the ‘tex mesh’ function in blender to get the swirliness. i used a noise texture to get the sand effect.
<edit> also, using ‘mist’ in the world buttons can add a nice underwater feel.