fish swimming in the land of bla bla bla

I was happy with this model and how it animates so here it is i hope you like it. It was inspired by a image I saw at BN.

I really this model and the manner in which you executer the animation. I find the interaction with the camera to be interesting as well. This would make a really good stereoscopic shot. maybe in anaglyph 3D. I’ll bet you could really get it to jump off of the screen with those big eyes closing on the camera like that.

Here is the fish to check out if anyone is interested.
" anaglyph" Ill need to search that one.
The modifier stack is a problem. I live with the mesh not hanging onto the rig as stacking other ways disables the cloth.
Animating with the lattice disables (in 3d view) the cloth but I did not render to check.
I think i will add more lattice as one big just does not seem to work like I wanted.

my first attempt