I was working on this piece for the ‘Weekly CG Challenge’ but ran out of time before I was happy with the finished product - it is mainly missing a fairly important cormorant on the raft…
Besides that - I would love to hear any feedback/harsh critique on my effort so far as I have noticed that I often feel like I don’t have time to act on it due to the two week project time limit on these things. I’m not in a rush now so any advice would be gratefully received!
Thanks in advance,

Hi Lordgert,

This is a really nice image, shame you didn’t finish it in time.

A few remarks:

  • The hands of the character are really nicely done but the shape of the feet needs some work; the feet are a bit pointy, while in reality the toes would be slightly bigger. Also I think the skin could use some more SSS.
  • Also the rocks/mountains don’t really seem realistic. If you are aiming for a mountain background, you could place these mountaints further away, and use more of them, also there usaully is a more subtle transition between the mountains and the lowland.
    If you were aming for large rocks emerging from the ground, you could maybe add more detail to the rocks to make them look less rounded, and maybe some distant rocks would be interesting.

But overall I think you’ve done a great job

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