FishGame glsl WIP

So i just thought i would show you what i have been working on.
So far its a basic fish simulator game where you just swim around.
I will add other aspects later on.
Its uses glsl and i hope to be adding more.
Enjoy and comment.

These screens are from in game.


Wow, looks great :smiley:

Unique idea to

UPDATE: i just added in a simple skybox, and changed some of the fish movements. More screens will come soon.
@JESUSFRK14 : Thanks i hope to tweak some of the textures on the trees to make it look better also.

its a nice looking start

Ok, so i came to a conclusion. For the time being i have to put this project aside for a few reasons.

  1. busy time of year
  2. I don’t know how exciting of a game you can make about a fish
  3. i want to see what others can make my game into
    I made this ‘game’ mainly to test glsl and to learn how to realistic looking water. PLus i was bored.
    So i am releasing the .blend for anyone to fiddle with and change.
    If you use it just give me credit, but go ahead and take credit for anything new. if you do change some things, post the .blend so i can see what you are doing with it(curiosity reasons only :slight_smile: )
    PS I hope i packed the textures properly, and remember… the game needs GLSL to look good.


hmmm. disappointing, i was hoping for some feedback.