Fishing game... (2.49)

not a fan, but I got carried away with a thing I made - seems to happen alot… :confused:

It’s ~3MB

(not so) Extreme fishing

Controls -
LMB - orbit (Camera) left
RMB - orbit (Camera) right
wheel up - toggle zoom level
mouse move - move fishing rod

Tips - the fish will be “spooked” if you move the hook fast near them, you have to be stealthy.

This is more a resource I got carried away from, it’s not really project, in fact, I was considering placing it in the resources section, so hopefully this helps someone in some way. Feel free to use any of it (None of it was too intensive to create.)

Uses multi-texture, so more people can play, and is very portable.

Instructions? I figured out what left and right mouse do, but pressing most every key had no effect on the hook. I will not eat fish tonight it seems.

Screenshots would be a nice touch (and instructions).

@3D - It would appear that is the case, heh heh heh.

sorry guys, it was pretty late - :o
changed now…

perhaps it could be a challenge - who wants to make a scoring system? You could use the text object to detect the l, m, and s messages (large, medium and small) and then add an appropriate number of points…

Let’s see if i catch some fish without getting the hand wet. he he.

No offence, but it looks awful hihihi ;D

This was merely a resource that I made, but added more functionality, product of about an hour, not exactly a project i’ve slaved over :smiley:

One word: epic :smiley:

Pretty nice to me! Hope you can do more improvement work later!

Fishing games i never played before…I think it will also need patience to play these type of fish games.