Fishing Reel - Bridge Set

(Err0L) #1

A single shot of the bridge set for my upcoming short film Fishing Reel. It took 8 minutes to render, all done with Blender Internal. Once I am happy with the final look, I will animate the whole scene.

Any comments/critiques welcome. :slight_smile:

Check out my Vimeo channel at to see what the other scenes in Fishing Reel will look like. The bridge set will be used to create scenes 2 and 5.

Edit: OK, so now it really should be finished :). I’ve added baked AO, and added leaves under the forest. Render time is about 9 minutes now, although I’ve optimized the textures a fair bit.

(FlykeR) #2

Add some yellow to your lighting and use texture with trees for shorter render. And if you want make an animation you should do something with render time (too many trees like i sad) This pipe under the construction should be darker or with metal material.

(Err0L) #3

Cool, thanks for the crits. I’ll have to try the different lighting. I might see if I can get AO on the bridge structure as well, which should improve it a lot. I’ve already tried textured planes for the trees before, which didn’t turn out too well, so I’ll probably just have to leave it for now.

(Err0L) #4

Added a few improvements, like AO and better texturing for the forest.