Fishing reel


Just little practise, to keep skills up(what skills?)

Anyway here it is:

the other metal part needs to be more tarnished, way to much contrast between the two. my guess is the wood was uv mapped. try adding a cloud texture to the texture datablock that holdong the uv and turn on NOR to make a bump map needs to be rougher. nice modeling but the blue background stick out too much. try a ocean horizon pic instead.

Sorry if i was harsh

texture work is very good.

Hey thanks for crit.

I absolutley agree most of your crit. Whole scene just takes too long to render to tweak it endlessly(i often do that) and when i rendered it in parts it looked fine(maybe i go one more round)

Only thing that is uv mapped is that part of reel where those writings are everything else is just Blender no eaven imagetextures are used.

And yes handles needs to be rougher, but i still havn’t deside what wood i want em to be.

Was the that all, i’m too tired. Ill look back tomorrow if i missed something

The handle could look like it was made using maple or balsa wood. Or maybe the same type you see with plywood.

That looks good! Great texturing.

What do you mean “what skills”? That’s fantastic! :smiley:
Oh, but(there’s always a but) I can tell that DOF is GIMP’ed or photoshopped, since it cuts off VERY abruptly, with no real sensitivity for depth. Try using the DOF PP plugin, or If you used Yafray, the DOF camera option. :slight_smile:

DOF PP do tell! is it blender internal

where do i get it

I think that this has become absolutely beautiful!

I agree on the metals crits and I can imagine how long this takes to render…

Thanks everyone :smiley:

About metals, sides of reel(and few other parts) suppose to be aluminium, shiny parts are chromed steel so they are diffrent in real too, but maybe my chrome is too clean.

Dof is Z-blur blugin with wery narrow focus area and heavy blur(there is couple floating rocks need to hide :wink: )

Head_Chees: Heres link for u:

Shortly a build little faster rendering machine mayby i make new render then.

I’m against fishing. Great work!

I love the crusty tarnished metal textures. How’d you do them so well?