fishing scene

anything to say about this picture?

its a fishing scene, i geuss. It didn’t take me too long to make. Maybe an hour tops. I didn’t keep track.

Nice composition but it looks like you don’t have OSA turned on so there are rough edges, even in the ripples.

oh woops, turned that off to speed up the render :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good, I only have one crit.
The position of the fishing line doesn’t seem right. Typically the line will hook into the top of the bobber, run down the side and hook again at the bottom. Also the angle seems a bit high. Makes it look like someone is right above the bobber holding the line. (kinda like it’s sitting in a puddle or something)

Come to think of it, I thought that the red was on top so a fisherman can see it easier.
Keep Blendin’!

There are way too many ripples. They also look like they’re about the same size and height. The height of the ripples should decrease and width increase as it flows away from the center (the outer rings).

well, I wasn’t too sure where the bobber hooks up, it really does depend. I asked someone, and he says that he hooks it up on the bottom, and it ends up floating on the top like so (I wouldve done it the other way too!). the colors, also I thought were the other way, but I geuss not( actually, come to think of it, i think I have seen both kinds of bobbers). and the ripples, well, I just used a simple wood texture and used the noise option instead of a displacement feature. I know the ripples are too close together, i just don’t know a good ripple texture or tutorial. If there is anybody who can help me, i would be more than happy. I am also glad people took the time to read this paragraph.

I believe (in this pic) there is thise single annoying little dot that was in the pic that no one comment about.

The plastic floats we used to use when I was a kid hooked on the bottom, this kept the bob upright and visible. You press the button on top and this exposes a loop underneath that you slip your line through - as I recall.

But you probably do have the colours upside-down.

The plastic floats we used to use when I was a kid hooked on the bottom, this kept the bob upright and visible

yeah, thats what i thought. I am pretty sure the colors are flip flopped, but i swear that i saw one with the colors the same way as mine.

Its good, maybe a little bit dark but other then that its good.

I did a quick search on google and most of the ones I saw where either red on top white on bottom or yellow on top red on bottom. So I guess yours cold be right.
Me, I was cheap. I used to use wine corks, did the same job.

well, so did I :)! It just wouldnl’t make any sense to most of the world if I had a cork instead of a float. Ill hope to have an update sooner or later. Just don’t wait for it. I had to fix the ripples because they were slowing down my comp ALOT (those ripples are vertices, not textures).