This is the beginning of the control room for my current and hopefully first to ever be finished animation project.
This render was just me trying to get a good night time look. It came out ok if not great.

Things subject to change include:
Control Panel (Definitely)
Lighting (Probably)
Sky (Obviously, blender stars are kinda… yeah)
Other things that I forget right now. I omitted the obvious things like materials.

Anyway. I have made this thread in an attempt to keep myself committed for an entire project as I have a tendency to quit halfway. So I will continue to update it whether I get any response or not. So there!

looks great so far…

yea, look nice, but as you said, blender stars are kinda funky, in the bad way…

there are other, more complex methods to do stars.

Pretty nice LeFishy. And I don’t know, if you adjust all of the settings just right, Blender can produce some stunning fx. I’ve seen some Blender renderings which look a heck of a lot better than those of other high priced 3D modelling programs. Just work at it tha’s all.

Right… so I have made some changes. I forget what they are but oh well. The real issue here is the control panel thingy and the screen. I’m going for a kinda holographic look but not really succeding. If anyone has any pointers I’d give them a hug for knowledge.