I did it this morning. There’s nothing complex but I hope you’ll like it



cool, nice use of complimentary colours there. Its a bit odd and comical that he keeps a smile on his face even though his hand has been chewed off.

Yarrr! I really like it, but what happened to the poor guys hand?

I like the style of this it has a very primitive / folk art feel. Which is odd for something done on a computer.
Also, like TheANIMAL said, is the guys left hand bleeding or is he throwing chum in the water?

Thank you for your comments. DichotomyMatt is right : the character is chumming but the colors of the hand and the chum are too close… I should have done better…

excellent stuff! i like the textures and style in general.


Great style, it looks just like a painting ;), however I think that the DoF, although subtle, works against the painted look.

Nice job!

I like the traditional media feel of it, as mentioned by others.

I’m interested in how you produced the grain, please?

I like the DOF with the painter look, it makes it look like a miniature/puppet set —adds warmth

Love it - fantastic image.

thank you frodochild, that’s exactly why I used dof blur

dgebel : the grain comes from textures I used and some AO noise (there’s a lot of postprod in this image thanks to the great JMS script “pass index”)

awesome!! very unique style and very refreshing. lovely!

nice an quirky, I like.

Awesome, we dont get nearly enough of this kind of stuff.

Wonderful lighting and shaders, the post pro compliments it perfectly. 5 *s

Love it.

Some of the least 3D 3D art I’ve seen in a long time. I’d love to see animation in this style. I’d say put it in the gallery as it shows the diversity of what can be done with Blender.

I like the style, I like it a lot. It definitely makes one think about more uses for 3D generated art.



Brilliant work, over and above the average CG piece!

thank you everyone for your kind comments

yay , it screems animate me …