FISHO Game first test file
Hi every body :smiley:
This is my first test for “Fisho Game” I am still working to finish the game …
My language not good :o so I will keep the file speaking
Thanks for your time any comment is welcome :slight_smile:
Samran abed alsalam from Syria :slight_smile:

zipfile 5MB for Windows only
new link

Please mention the fact that your posting a windows executable. I wasted my time downloading this file with a modem when I use linux.

:o i am so sorry :o i forget that :o

Graphics wise it’s pretty good (for something made with blender anyway), but your missing the game aspect.

You need to give players something to do; a goal, a mission, otherwise it’s just a pretty simulation.

Over all nice work though.

Please samas

You can upload the file in this server:

because, I can not download the file in megaupload.:o

You have to wait 50 seconds before the link is presented.

I agree that the graphics are really good for a blender game. I also believe that the controls are REALLY good too. Its a great foundation for a game.

this message appears to me in megaupload :

All the ports of discharge 100 assigned to their Colombia country are being used.

for that reason I request that if possible that upload to server:

I wait for 5 minutos :confused:

could you post a blend only?
(in case you don’t have any secrets you don’t want to reveal)

Yes true
I make that for test Controls and camera man and to see same think look like a game I have mission for fisho and enema and a lot more
you can in this test hit the bubbles using mouse and to set camera press D
Thanks you :slight_smile:


thank you thank you
i take long time to do it the camera man have a bug in this test i fix it thank you :slight_smile:

thanks samas for upload a, the game is excellent :slight_smile:

Nice. I really like the art put into this. Hehe, reminds me a little bit of Finding Nemo.

Jason Lin

sorry guys i have to talk to samas in arabic he can not talk english as well as he should

لعبتك رائعة ,

انا مستغرب كيف وصلت لهذا المستوى بهذه السرعة ؟ ما شاء الله …

اذا اردت اشترك بصنع اللعبة معك …

نحن عندنا مشروع جماعي انتهى وبأسبوع سينزل هنا اسمه

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وهو لعبة سباق …

فكر بالامر

ولا تنسى رؤية لعبتي الجديدة

Thermal thread

i can’t see arabic in my pc please type in english

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that’s kinda funny you can’t see arabic but you are in the middle east and i can and i’m in usa…

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post the game in site