Fishy3D - New Demo! Page 2! :D

I don’t know how many of you have had the pleasure of playing “Fishy”, a flash game, but you should its very fun. The concept being that you are a small fish in an ocean of all different sized fishes. You can eat fishes that are smaller than you, but you are eaten by fishes that are bigger than you. Everytime you eat a fish, you grow slightly, so you can eat bigger and bigger fishes.

I am bascially creating a 3D version of that game, but with more features (multiplayer battle, infinite oceans etc.)

My pride and joy of this project is my random environment generator. It spawns props along the ocean floor randomly as you move through the ocean, and deletes them when they get out of view, so as to simulate a random, infinite, always different ocean which Fishy can swim around in. Currently, you may see the objects spawn in “lines” but I am working on that. Also, the objects are all bascially the same size, and look kind of silly plopped around the ocean floor, but im workin on it…

It uses a 3rd person view (controlled by WASD and the mouse), and thus it can be difficult to direct Fishy exactly into the fish you are trying to eat, and so FishyCam was born. in the corner is a view from inside Fishy’s mouse directly straight outward to show where Fishy is aimed. (However, it is currently not exact and needs adjustment…)

Right now, I have Fishy, and him able to swim around the ocean, but there are no other fish to eat yet. Enjoy swimming around :]


a randomly generated ocean
Fishy :]
Current spawnable objects

Wow this looks cool can’t wait to see it finished!

Nice work, will the fish get bigger as you eat fish?

How did you do the fish cam?

1.Yes it will get bigger.
2. make a camera at his mouth with this attached:

from Rasterizer import *
own = GameLogic.getCurrentController().getOwner()
own.setViewport(getWindowWidth()/1.5, getWindowHeight()/50, getWindowWidth()/1.05, getWindowHeight()/4)


Love the reticule and the “fishy-cam,” cute concept, well done:)

This looks Awesome, it’ll ROCK when it’s finished. I also love the fish cam :smiley:

edit: IT ROCKS! You can go though the rocks though. lolz

Nice feature that fishycam ^^
AAAAAARG! I can’t download from Filefront T____T, could you use other uploading site like or googlepages please??

wow. this looks cool. can’t wait to play it (in 2 days)

I love fishy :slight_smile: he’s so cute! (and I shall call him squishy, and he shall be my squishy…)

HAHA Squishy is a good name!

hey cloud, if you right-click on the download button on savefile and choose download linked file, you can download off of that annoying site.

EDIT: darn it!!! it’s a .rar and stuffit gets an error -.-

get winRAR, dude

Even better, get 7zip.

i thought i posted… o well.

good fishy :smiley: keep this up

Better yet, get Filzip :wink:

This does look like fun. Was it made with an apricot build? Fishy looks good :slight_smile:

The fish is so cute! Aww… He’s my desktop background

…or you could try It converts .rar files online and you don’t need to download anything.

I managed to donwload it, thanks guys (in the end had to use internet explorer to download it =P)
The viewport works great, but it kinds of mislead a little, it doesn’t seem to lead correctly the fish to where it’s pointing…

yeah i said it needed some fixing. but as of now, it has been fixed! :smiley: i also changed the camera mode a little, and i have lots of awesome ideas for having randomly bumpy sandy floors etc

update! ive added new props and scenery (more bigger-scale things). here is an example of the kind of ocean that can be generated(its quite beaufitul in my opinion and im rather proud of this! :] ) :

ok one more, now that ive added a color-enhancing plane :]