Car runs on thorium,

Hmmm, Very interesting. However who the hell designed this?! Why can’t nex-gen innovations look better? Still though the Thorium idea is excellent and the waste produced can be burned off as energy as well.

Yeah, it would appear that whoever designed that thought they were drawing
a boat for the first half hour… and then went with it…

Wonder if the seatbelts are legal . . . not to mention road worthy tyres . . . or even if it comes with accessories like wipers . . . air condition.

I heard that China already has a Thorium power program which they will eventually use to produce cheap, abundant power for their country.

Some people would also like the United States to do the same thing, but those in authority seem to be too preoccupied with power sources that only work some of the time (Wind and Solar). This means that we’ll be well behind China in power generating technology unless we find out soon that the National Ignition Facility has started generating genuine fusion power that is powering homes (they recently achieved a world-first in fusion by creating a reaction where more power has gone out than what was input, at least they seem to be further along than the magnetic bottle research going on in Europe).