Fist of God

Fist of God is a weapons platform, it will be part of an animation I’m working on.

That’s amazing!
If the whole animation has that kind of quality, you’ll be right up there with Robertt and friends- almost, anyway…

the terminator seems strange to me on the planet (if you modelled it). and the night side still looks a bit too blue. perhaps muted darker colors and a smoother terminator?

the platform looks pretty good so far. if you are going for more realism in the image, perhaps more details? if those are solar arrays for instance, they are usually a darker, more reflective coloring (at least the real ones).

Plus, isnt the platform kinda far from the planet? seems like it might be, imo.

overall its pretty cool looking, though. though, why the name Fist of God. How about something more original and interesting, like: Shiva or something like that? :slight_smile:

Hey, it’s light in all time zones, looks like South Africa is in the dark forever! Other than that ít’s good quality, only the rotation of te earth bothered me.

Yes. The orbital weapon is far away from the planet. It reminds me of the first Command & Conquer Game by Westwood studios…God that was long ago. There was a weapon called the Ion Cannon which was…Exactly your Fist of God. It should be closer to the earth. Look how close a space station is to the earth for good reference.

Great Work so far.

Thanks for the replies.

Everything was modeled by me. Both and moon and the Earth are using that new Minneart shader. The stars are of course… are Blender stars. The station was modeled by an underpowered 3d program called Anim8or. I’m more used to Anim8or than anything, and where it lacks as a renderer it makes up for by being a decent modeler.

The Earth and Moon were thrown in there because I needed a dramatic backdrop for the station. It was originally going to be rendered in a sort of vertical poster format, and I might still do that… but I wanted to see how it would look in a fake-movie format, so instead it’s 800 x 480 (not sure if that’s accurate or not)

I love the style

Thanks for the crits. I know this is technically a ‘Finished Project’ But there is always room for improvement. Here is the updated Fist of God.