Fit array of objects to curve

I have watched many videos about creating wires/pipes etc with creating array of simple object and fitting it to curve.
I have followed all steps:
-add curve, edit curve to desired shape.
-add a simple object (cylinder in my case).
-use array modifier on my cylinder.
-use curve modifier and selecting my curve.

At this point in all video tutorial the original object moves to one end of curve and then they can just incease count etc and it still goes nicely along curve.
When I use curve modifier, that object moves to some weird location and when I increase array length it makes some terrible shape (like it has nothing to do with that curve, yet it changes if I edit curve)

Any ideas?

Ensure the origin of the curve and the origin of the array are in the same location.

If you still have problems attach or post a link to your blend file.

Thx, that was it :wink: