Fit for Mensa?

Mensa has an online “workout” quiz that will sort of determine whether you’re likely to qualify for membership. I thought it was interesting, so I took it, and I made 20/30 with 28 questions answered in the timeframe given. According to the test, this means I have “a good chance,” which probably means I’d score a couple of questions below the minimum and be laughed at. I took an IQ test in high school and wouldn’t have qualified then.

You can take the test here. The time limit is 30 minutes, but it isn’t imposed unless you want it to be.

For those not familiar with Mensa, it is an organization whose only membership requirements are that you score above 98% of the general population in a qualified IQ or Mensa test.

I got 17 out of 30. So I suck. :wink:

But I did it in 15 minutes.


Got 19/20 in 15 mins.
But then again, english isn’t my primary language so I have an excuse for the 4 words questions that I missed ;).


Got 19 out of 30, mostly missing the vocabulary answers. Which is kind of funny as I had an invitation to join Mensa out of high-school and the vocabulary portion of my SATs were the better of the two scores :slight_smile:

I guess the Alzheimers really does start to set in after a while.

What was I typing?..

Got 21 out of 30 within the time given,

I was really puzzled with the word Insatiable but then again…as
many of you I’m not english either.

Man…another one of those and I’m stir fryed after work %|

16/20, I started guessing at a point though. Tests make me feel like a monkey being trained and I get rebelliousl :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not good with those types of word questions :frowning: I got to 3 and thought": WTF…

My IQ is 103 last I checked. :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: I’m going to try again.

20 out of 30. Not bad, eh?

24 out of 30, in the time given


14 out of 30, but as I said, these kinds of things don’t compute well.

25 in 30 min


EDIT…ugh, too many tabs open, not sure how on earth I managed to quote myself, then submit it. :<

22 in 25 minutes

I got 40 in 5 minutes.

jk I got a measly 17 but I only spent about 10 minutes. I didn’t look at the answers and I may try it again when I have enough free time and effort to do it.

I got 17 the first time (dunno how long it took, not very, I sorta sped through it) and 30 the second.


I tried taking that test once a long time ago. It resulted in me getting a horrible headache and I felt like my head was going to explode. I don’t think it’s something for me. :slight_smile:

Most of it’s simple stuff that only take 10-20 seconds at the most, but some of those stupid scrambled word questions are insane!

The actual Mensa test (from what I’ve read) is entirely based on images, so the word puzzles are just for fun, I think.

[Edit]: stupid windows crashed while I was posting and I accidentally double posted :frowning:

24/30, 20 minutes.
Pwned by the insane scrambled words. :frowning:
But my primary language is Finnish so I’m pretty satisfied with the result. :slight_smile: