Fit Object to Curve Length

So I’m modelling a racetrack in Blender and I’m using Array and Curve modifiers to make it a follow a curve:

The problem I’m facing now is that I need both ends of the mesh to line with the ends of the curves. I know I could just scale it by hand but that’s not a very elegant solution, is it?

Isn’t there some sort of function for this? I would’ve kinda expected the “Fit to Curve” function in the Array modifier to take care of the scaling as well, as this function seems kinda pointless without it also adapting the shape to the curve so that it covers the entire curve.

You have to scale anything by hand
Fit to curve arrays use whole numbers of units, so it will not use 3.45782692 objects to exactly fit a curve length

I’m not actually asking for it to use split up objects to complete the curve, I’m asking for it to scale the object in a way that it can use a whole number of segments to complete the curve (in this case, the road segment would have to get squished a little so 4 units can complete the curve).

Scaling it by hand would never get me the precision I could achieve with maths.

stretch and bounds clamp options in object data (curve) properties.

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And remember to apply rotation and scale to the curve and object before adding the modifier.

Oh, thanks so much! That’s exactly what I was looking for!

I did not know that JA12. Thanks! :slight_smile: