Fit Panels into a area


I have tried to fit panels into a area like 22x16m - can I make Blender do it procedural.
with these panels 1.:

This is done manual: see number 2.

My test on Particles, does not succeed… :slight_smile:
See number 3

Maybe Geometry node can do it, perhaps Houdini should be able to do that…
Next step is to extend length x width and it and it will automatically adjust and control from center(the largest) to end/edge(the smallest).

Blender test file.:!Aq9RxU_yA5rhkLx1ZtIntYbZcRamLQ?e=YKCmKU

Maybe there is someone who can figure this out now. Was the first to ask for a geometry node tag, it was not made at that time… :slight_smile:

November nodes. someone who can figure it out :blush: