Fitting Mesh problems

I wanted to modify the top surface of the dinosaur to be spikey, so I edited a duplicate surface of it and made adjustments that way. Now it seems like I’m having troubling fitting this surface back due to the modifications I made (even though its still the same shape). Would anyone know how I can do this? I tried merging with the use of shift V and bridging edge loop, but neither is working out.

Here is the one with surface detached.
Giganotosaurus5.blend (754.1 KB)

Here is one where I tried all the merging tricks and things I know.
Giganotosaurus6.blend (762.9 KB)

You can also try moving the top surface as close as possible to where you want it to join and then select F3 and Merge by distance (or depending on what version you’re using and then change the distance it merges with the pop-up box that appears).

But also be careful as other vertices may get merge in your model that you don’t won’t merged.

I also just had a look at the model and I think you may need to do a bit more of a manual fix before moving on further - so to align the vertices/faces closer to each other as they have become quite different shapes.

First off…take and delete some of the lower faces where the modified section will go…the USEvertex snap to get it down to the rest…then take and subdivide edges and use vertex slide to line up with some of the not quite fit sections…snap all these to the lower sections…
Merge by distance to weld this together…

Giganotosaurus5-merge.blend (709.4 KB)

Thank you two. I ended up doing something similar a few days back as I realized that the number of sharp spikes made realignment more challenging so I removed some and put it back on much easily.

I thank you two anyway.

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