five-button mouse...

Five-button mice are becoming common nowadays. Does Blender support a 5-button mouse? Can the 4th or 5th button be configured to function as pan or rotate?

So far i know and by my Logitec MX700 experience, the mouse is programable at your wishes. You can also assign any most used keyboard shortcut to one or two of the “free” buttons.

I also just went out today and bought a Schweet 5 button mouse purely for pan and rotate in blender. For the life of me i can’t work out how to get the 4th and 5th buttons to be pan and rotate. The macros wont allow you to use the ‘depress scroll wheel’ in them, and even if i set one of them to ‘universal scroll wheel’ i cannot get blender to rotate the view for me when i hold. Surely some programming genius has a 5 button mouse plugin set to use default “Windows Mouse Button 4” and “Windows Mouse Button 5”. PLEEEEESE!!!

oops, noob double post, 'scuse me

I have a microsoft mouse and it can be configured with the drivers it came with. I have the two additional buttons set to undo and B.