Five Edges Meet - looking for advice


I am a newbie modeler work on a simple deer model. So far I’m pretty satisfied with how it’s turning out, even at a low poly count, but I’ve run into an issue where I’ve got five edges meeting in a really bad area.

I’ve hemmed and hawed and determined I’m just not clever enough, at this point, to figure out a solution. Since I imagine this is a common issue (though my Google-fu was not strong enough to turn up an answer) I’m hoping someone can give me advice.

Apologies for the deer butt screenshot…I said it was an awkward spot! :wink:

Thanks, everyone!

Nothing like posting a question in a forum to get my brain working. I deleted a few faces and mucked about a bit and came up with this solution. Definitely looks better in renders. Hopefully it will deform OK when I get to that point.