Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

I wanted to show some of the work that was created using this AMAZING software.


So much of Special Delivery was created using Blender in a multitude of ways. I switched to Blender from Modo (after using modo 10 years) half way through production. I switched in favor of what i was seeing in Blender 2.8+ and what a few close friends of mine in the industry were telling me.

Below is a link to my portfolio where you can see a lot more Special Delivery work if you’re interested.


I love FNaF and Blender so it makes me really happy to see that part of it was made with Blender! Your way of color and lighting enhances the mood and tension. I don’t know how to say it but the addition of wear and tear on the animatronics adds another layer of realism (if that makes sense) and a great improvement on Scott’s characters.

You did a great job on the animatronics! I hope to see more content from you soon, whether it’s FNaF or not!

PS: Would it be ok if I used one of your works as a wallpaper?

Sorry for the late reply. Go nuts with the wallpapers!

OMG. That spring trap looks AMAZING!!!

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SO COOL! I wish I could make art like this!