Five second project: "Made of Paper" / 4 seasons in 5 seconds


About a week ago I started to work on this project for the Five second project: “Made of paper”.

If you haven’t heard of it you should go check it out: It’s a great and fun challenge, and you get something ot add to your portfolio/showreel.

I wrote a pretty detailed post on my blog, so I wont write any details here. But it’s modeled with Blender and rendered with Cycles.

So please let me know what you think!


YouTube (1080p):

Wait, what… more I want mooooore. That was too cool, I love it. You must make a directors cut!

Would love to see an extended version with smooth transitions between seasons.
This is already great except that their seems to be a jump 1 or 2 frames back when you switch from summer to autumn. You can see it in the cameramovement and the clouds.