Fix broken BlenderKit material

I hope this is the right place to post for help.
I am afraid I messed up one of the materials :frowning: : Concrete raw.
Now every time I choose it from the addon in Blender it yields the same messed up result.
I even went to the BlenderKit web site and downloaded Concrete raw by using its URL, as it is advised. To no avail.
What happens is that I wanted to bake it. But when the bake was done, Blender switched to the image file for the base color, and I did not notice. So I saved the resulting bake with the short cut: Alt S. Again, not noticing that the bake result had being put in the original base color file, instead of my new bake file - that I had in its place. By the time I noticed it was too late. And now even if I re do the UVs, and create a new material, it uses the messed base color file. To make matters worse, I thought of saving file size by replacing all the PNGs the Image Texture nodes had with JPGs.
The question is: How to restart with a clean slate?

I just deleted all the image files in all the Image Texture nodes, by Shift-clicking on the “X” to the right of the name in the node. Also deleted the actual PNG and JPG files the nodes were pointing to. And the .blend file that BlenderKit creates in a Materials folder it creates automatically when you download a material.
And BlenderKit is not redownloading the original PNG files anymore, it only recreates the nodes setup :frowning:

Update 2:
I was able to call back the original PNGs, it seems they were packed into the blend file BlenderKit downloads. But for some reason the Shading Editor preview at the top window doesn’t look as good as the preview in the Materials Properties panel on the right, I wonder why.

I know why now: The UV map was way too large. I downsized it to the image size and now it’s good.

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