Fix/lock position of vertices


Is there a function to fix/lock the position of vertices?
I want some of my vertices stay exact at their origin position while other vertices are moves e.g. by proportional editing tool.
In the N-Panel in object mode I can fix/lock an objexts position by enabling the lock symbol on the right side inside the xyz-coordinates. Something like this I need for vertices.

Thanks a lo for any help!

I don’t think there is anything like this in Blender… but you can always hide your vertices. Once hidden, Blender won’t touch them but it use their coordinates anyway if they matter for what you’re doing.

[H] to hide the selection
[SHIFT H] to hide the opposite of the selection.
[ALT H] to un-hide.

IT works with everything, vertices, edges, faces, bones and objects of all kind.

Hooks work only in obj mode-sorry.

maybe 11 years ago hook only worked object based, but now also subobject-based…so for all that this can help in the future… i selected all the vertices in edit mode that i want to move and hooked them. so the rest of the vertices stay fixed at their old position. so in some situations this can help, maybe with using multiple hooks for animating separate vertices.

11 years ago. Hooks were deforming modifiers, too.
Principle was the same. Vertices hooked are defined in Edit Mode.
But Hook Object can only be displaced in Object Mode or Pose Mode (for bones as hook objects).

Hiding elements that must not be affected is still the most straight forward option, if you want to use proportional editing tool in Edit Mode.
But, nowadays, people will probably prefer Sculpt mode and its masks, face sets to hiding, and its brushes to Proportional Editing Tool.

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so what do you think is easiest method if you want the yellow top vertices to stay in place, and only the down black move? if you dont use hook or animate over shape keys

Well. For a simple case like that, there is no specific measure to take.

It is quite easy to avoid to move top vertices by keeping them out of proportional editing tool influence, by defining a pertinent Proportional Size.
There was no mention of animation in original request.

You have to hide selection, only if there are angles to preserve, hard to exclude from proportional size, or if selection is made of scattered elements, intertwined with elements that shouldn’t move.
That means complex geometry, often synonym of a surface, that could be treated in Sculpt mode.

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