Fix/lock position of vertices


Is there a function to fix/lock the position of vertices?
I want some of my vertices stay exact at their origin position while other vertices are moves e.g. by proportional editing tool.
In the N-Panel in object mode I can fix/lock an objexts position by enabling the lock symbol on the right side inside the xyz-coordinates. Something like this I need for vertices.

Thanks a lo for any help!

I don’t think there is anything like this in Blender… but you can always hide your vertices. Once hidden, Blender won’t touch them but it use their coordinates anyway if they matter for what you’re doing.

[H] to hide the selection
[SHIFT H] to hide the opposite of the selection.
[ALT H] to un-hide.

IT works with everything, vertices, edges, faces, bones and objects of all kind.

Hooks work only in obj mode-sorry.