Fix missing parts of humanoid

My model is a sitting humanoid. You can see a video here, which shows the problem perfectly:

The model is to be used as an enemy in a unity game. Those parts should be fixed in such a way you would expect it to look like if the missing parts were there.

Your brain already completes it, this is what the model should look like. I created an example outline on the right upper arm of the creature.

Example: arms are round. You only see parts of the arms, sometimes more, sometimes less. In an abstract way, arms are cylinders. So there should be cylinders as a rough guide along the fragments. As I wrote, your brain knows it already what it should look like.

My question also adresses the painting of the non-existing parts to make them match.

How do I fix the missing parts efficiently the way described, so it looks like a sitting humanoid?

Don’t everybody speak up at once!

Fine, this forum is officially dead.

Can you post some images here? Not everyone has the time to leave the forum in order to answer your questions.

I know the frustration of getting views and no answers, but not everyone who comes here are experts :stuck_out_tongue:
I would love to help you out, but I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to achieve. You want to fill in the empty parts of the mesh in a way that completes the illusion of the creature (?) being a sitting humanoid? Is this the final model, or just a sketch? The more info, the better.

The question and the goal are both unclear. Why not just make a new model that actually works?