Fix my walking animation

fix it plss…

Sounds like a command sir…

It doesn’t look broken to me :wink: Looks more like it’s just missing the recoil step, where the weight is actually applied to the leg.

Try some tutorials on walk cycles, and you’ll see what I mean. Although these aren’t blender directed, the information can still be applied to what you’re doing.

EDIT: also, another thing to keep in mind, try not have your animation start off with him standing, otherwise he will be going to a standing position every loop.

Then what position should I start sir?

Our Blender Animation class, III, is on the walk cycle. Perhaps you should join.

That’s up to you.

Personally, I like to have my character start off just before the recoil step, since then when they go from a standing position to a walking position, it flows into a smooth step forward.

Here is the walk cycle I created with your character

Tnx dude this is awsome!

Wow, haven’t seen you in a while!

My problem is I change the position just like facemania did and when i play the animation in the game the walking animation freezes at the end of the frame and go again! I’m so tired!!!

And the animation is so fast! damn it i’m getting angry here! how do I make it slow? i put a blendin on the action damn actuator!

blendin makes it smoothly transition between two actions, not change the speed. to slow it down, go into the action window, and move the keyframes apart.

Yah, just put the green cursor at 0, and scale away…