FIX: proportional editing corrupting files - see last

Its happening far too often: turn on proportional editing and the blend file seems corrupted, all sorts of values get thrown off, set proportion to 1 and it comes back at 52 billion when you click on it again, even if it says 1 then it acts infinite, sometimes its in the tool panel and sometimes not. Here is a file I worked on for all of 30 seconds and it was totally destroyed for me, will someone else please open this and tell me if they can use proportional editing to move the selected vert?

2.53 svn 31174



Didn’t look into it very much. But I noticed that the pivot center isn’t set to bounding box.

please try just a proprtional edit that’s all. fiddle with everything else ad nauseum.

For some reason, whatever made it break is because of how I set my user preferences because “load factory default” fixes it! Now what the heck? how did I mess this up? I suppose that I need to include my startup.blend for them to check it out in the bug tracker.

Worked fine for me after I rolled the mouse wheel up a lot to reduce the strength. I’m using 2.53 svn 30593 on Linux. Hope that helps.

do you see your preferences (color themes and font size) when you open this file? Mine have the 3D view a light blue, everything else kind of earth tones and the font size is increased a bit for my bad eyes.

I get this with 4 different builds now and I wonder if somehow my preferences are the culprit. I also turned of antialiasing and that didn’t do anything. Maybe its windblows?

OK figured this out. Switching out mouses did nothing. Its some sort of a bug. [Blender seems to store the last value you used for your mouse wheel, however I’m not sure if it is saved over all or saved for each object.] It then reapplies that to whatever editing feature you next use where the mouse wheel can contribute. So if you find yourself suddenly jumped way out from the center of your scene, too far away from your object of choice, that is likely why, some other thing you did previously needed you to scroll your wheel a lot.

Unfortunately, that now perpetuates and when you hit proportional edit it’ll use your last scroll value as the proportion size no matter how crazy it may be. The tool panel translate tools can be brought up now but it is meaningless! eg, click on proportional edit in 3d view, click G then mouse click and you can look down in the tools panel and see what the proportion size for the 3D wheel really is. Adjusting it here does nothing, nothing but make you think that you’ve done something! Be sure to turn proportional editing OFF in the tools translate panel then go back to 3D view and turn proportional editing back on. Scroll the wheel UP to decrease the proportion size, hit the mouse Lclick and look back in the tools translate panel to see where you are. Repeat until you proportion size something reasonable. Bottom line, the tool panel translate is good for nothing other than telling you what the proportion size was the last time you hit Lclick!