Fix random hair generation when rendering?

Dear experts,

I probably have a very specific problem, but I hope one of you is able to help me. I wrote some code to render a scene from different viewpoints, means in a loop I change the cam position, render using “bpy.ops.render()” and so on…
The Problem is now that I have some hair in my scene, but they are randomly generated in each loop step of rendering. This is of course not what I want, that a beard or hairstyle changes in each image. Is there a way to suppress this? I can’t render the view points over key-frames!

Many thanks for your your help,


Sorry, I found the problem. The hair aren’t generated each step randomly, it’s a sampling problem that causes an effect that short hair looks like dynamic noise from slightly different viewpoints. That’s a pitty, because now I realize that this is not fixable… :frowning: