Fix this test blend

I made some changes to the blend i got here by adding an armature to the small cube
when the small gets near the large cube it will swing open. The problem, it only does this about 3 times then stops i want it to swing open as long as the small cube gets near the big cube. Can’t figure out why it does not work



near-3.blend (144 KB)

As usual on physics problems, I recommend to switch on physics representation.
If you do that you will see that the small box is slowly sinking down. After hitting the big cube 3 times the small cube is below the big cubes near sensor. The big cube wil not recognise the small cube anymore.

The near sensor always works form the object center ignoring its own mesh. It triggers True when parts of a mesh of a detected object comes near the own center.

It does not trigger True if the own mesh comes near the mesh of the detected objects.