Fix unrealistic dimensions

I’m in the process of sculpting an entire person. I just finished the head and it’s 2.62 meters tall. I want this mesh to have realistic dimensions. I realize i could just resize it, but I’m looking for advice on the matter. I don’t want bad distortion, and i want to know what the consequences of resizing at this point would be, considering i already have 113,770 faces on my mesh.

I appreciate the advice.

Always with a question like this it is well worth your time to study proportions, there are many sites that discuss and many images that show the relationship between head>Body>hands etc. in all the various styles, Manga> Realistic. Classical etc.

Don’t know exactly how much you have done, but with some scaling as well as proportional editing, you should be able to fix any problems you have.

Import as a Reference image, and adjust the alpha to help get things better…you can also find one you like better by searching for Proportion Charts.

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Scaling uniformly (s) will not produce distortion. As @RSEhlers said best is to practice drawing human proportions, greasepencil is great for that. In front view use it to sketch out a complete figure (using reference) and place your modeled head according to it.

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