Fixating a cloth simulation

In the past I did my models which used cloth with the physics and than used either gravity or a wind force to let the sail or canopy bulge in the right way. This however required rendering an animation and then selecting the image that is best matched, as I am only interested in the rendering of a single frame.
As I have to do another model involving cloth, I am wondering if there is a better way. I could imagine several approaches but cannot clearly visualize every step:

  • Storing the physical simulation similar to fluid. Is this possible at all? How?
  • Using retopo on the bulged cloth to replace it. Any good tutorials for that approach? As far as I followed the retopo topic it is mainly used together with sculpting to bring the poly count down. How would this applied to a physically simulated cloth?
  • Sculpting
  • Something with bezier curves. However I have no clear idea how to go about to achieve the result with this approach.

Do you see any other approaches, that I missed? What would you do?

Can you just apply the cloth simulation at the frame you like? (go to the cloth modifier, and click “Apply” on a good frame)

I wasn’t aware of that, it did the trick.

Thanks daren