Fixed color plane + fixed color text on top

I am starting out with blender and would like to have a fixed color for some objects and be able to render them with now lighting effects.

Suppose that I have a plane that I would like to be pure white in the final render, and some text on top which is pure red.

I was able to have the plane show up as white in the rendered image if I set a high emission value. However, this causes an unwanted effect on the text. What is the best way to render fixed colors for both the plan and the text?

Btw, I’m using Eevee

The first step is to use an emission shader instead of the principled shader. Keep the emission at one.

Next step is to go the rhe scene settings, where you apply all the nice post effects like bloom, ambient occlusion and so on. Make sure to uncheck all effects. Go down to color management and then under “view transform” choose “standard”. The default is filmic.

This should give you the desired results

Thanks. That’s what I needed :slight_smile: