Fixed image texture

How do i make the image texture not resize along with the object?

You use UV’s and they have to stick to the object (they are made for this).
Try object texture coordinate to lock them to the object.

Hi i tried object coordinate but still resize the image

Good “old” 2.79 then ? Okay, render it…

You know that if you had assign a UVs and/ or selected vertices in edit mode then select an image in UV/image editor blender shows this uv mapping in the view… even if the mapping is set to object…

I alway bothered about this. you have to “delete/disconnect” the image in the Image/UV editor

But you cant’ see this (even with Shading to GLSL) in editmode (never worked for me).
You have plan ahead… something like grid modelling…

Deleting the image doesnt work either

‘But you cant’ see this (even with Shading to GLSL) in editmode (never worked for me). You have plan ahead… something like grid modelling…’

Could you please elaborate more on this?

I’m sorry. In 2.79 i never looked at the different possibillities of viewport and rendering with the internal renderer and with Cycles it was even different. But forget what i said, look at this:
example.blend (85.3 KB) Just move the right vertices in editmode.
Pay heed to the fact that the object is rotated because object mode always means texture mapped from above.

(Is self replying allowed here? :cold_face:)
I just found out that this is tagged gameengine… sorry then of course 2.79.
Notice to myself: don’t jump arround in the forum to learn everything about blender and answer any question you may have a tip for :innocent:.

No problem my friend. Thanks for trying to help me

While you can do this by using Python to adjust mapping, I usually just try and cheat. For example, you could put a black plane in front of the green plane and decrease its size, thus revealing the green plane without having to adjust its UV coordinates.

Like so:

I need transparent textures. A black plane workaround isnt the best solution for aesthetic reasons.

Could you give me an example using python?

This answer has the code for shifting the UV coordinates:

That answer is for a map, but it’s mostly the same as what you’re doing. Only difference is that you’re only moving the UVs for the two vertices on the right side of the object.

Hi use keys vertexes for animation you image - just make greens planes mesh in object and make keys vertexes animation and play frame - if you use 10 green planes you need make 10 frame for substract green plane this is method not press you image this is simply variant, hard variant - use python for displace UV coordinates and texture 50x50 left side texture green lines - right side texture invisible alpha, if you displace texture UV displace and visualization you look in screen and see substract green line

I am not sure if this will work with the game engine/internal textures, but with nodes you can use a different objects texture coordinates for mapping. So you can have a hidden copy of your object (or it could also be a simple plane) and set the texture coordinates of the one you want to scale to the hidden objects coordinates. Then you can scale your object and the texture will not scale with it.
Edit (a pic)

Vertex parent does not scale or rotate the child. Maybe this can help.

It won’t unfortunately. At least for legacy 0.2x versions. The only supported projection types in the legacy game engine are generated and UV. 0.3x on the other hand can do any of them.

So there is no way to make image texture not resize? Only workaround changing the object’s UV?

My game change the object scale based on a property value. It would be better if I can keep it that way

Eh, I think you could assign code to constantly assign static UV values.