(fixed Now!) Big Blender Crashing Problem, please help!

hey everone…having some trouble with blender, this is what happens…

i can’t use any tool from the File tab (like save as, load and save image) because whenever i do use somthing from there blender crashes. please help because i am pretty much powerless without being able to open and save things :frowning:
any and all help will be greatly apprciated…

First, I’m not sure if this is right thread for solving your problems…

Second, you must tell us what OS you use, graphics card, settings, etc…

Third, read this before you ask:

ive had that same problem too. i just waited and it solved itself after some time

Popski- sorry :frowning:

blenderizer- thanks, i guess i will just wait then…

I wouldn’t, I’ve seen this bug myself and it shouldn’t happen. It’s not a minor bug as you can’t do anything with Blender. The trouble is that when I checked it out, there seemed to be no obvious solution to it, the crash log I found gave no indication what was going on. I actually saw it happen on someone else’s computer and at first Blender worked fine but then after a day or two, anything chosen from the file menu like save as or export would just crash Blender.

I copied the version of Blender from my computer, which was working and it worked fine for a few hours and then it started doing the same thing. It’s a bad bug because it seems hard to reproduce. There was a report saying Blender would crash if you tried to export to a long pathname but this seemed like it might have been a different issue as the filename bug caused a crash after the dialog. This crash happens before it right?

I would submit a bug report because this is serious and it needs to be fixed. The person I showed Blender to was almost put off using it completely because of it and had to go back to Maya to get his work done.

Try downloading another copy of Blender and see if you get the same problems. If you do, can you post a crash log and also have you done any particular action that may have started it crashing. For example, the person I knew that had his crashes imported .obj models from Maya.

post your os specs.
others may have had this problem & fixed it.

Hey, why sorry!? Man, you don’t need to apology. I just wanted to show you some useful tips… Use them, you’ll get help faster & with much more fun! :yes:

I think this happens on Windows when Blender is installed in Program Files (or another Admin-only folder) and the person using it has a Limited account.

i have blender 2.44 right now should i downoad 2.55? would this help?

possibly it would help, download blender 2.45 & the windows distributable (if you don’t have it) & Python 2.5.1.
before installing, Delete the entire blender foundation folder ( in windows, c:/program files).
Then install in the above order.
If this does not work try installing blender to a different drive.
i have up to 30 working builds in my personal build catalog, all working from D:/wherever.
never have I seen this problem.
If the Official build does not work, try www.graphicall.org & download a svn build to see if this works.
You should not be having this problem, but you do, so it should be fixed.
& do post your os specs as this will help.

i dont know if this would be of any help to solve this but before it started happening i tried to cut and paste my blender foundation folder tomy external hard drive, it said it couldn’t about halfway through the transfer. i got half of the stuff over to the External HD. after that i just copyed and pasted to back it up, just in case somthing had happened, then the problem started…:frowning:

most likely you have corrupted a major file, like .b.blend.
delete this then re-install blender.
better to delete the entire folder as suggested above.
then re-install.


can i take my best .blends with me?

yes, remove all your blend files first to another folder, then you are free to start again without worrying about your blends.

Edit: rather than posting again…
Glad you got it fixed, happy to help, can’t have Blender not working now can we!!!

ok, thanks, i just hope that this will work! fingers crossed!

EDIT: wooooooo! it works!!! thanks to evryone who helped in this!!! especially you Meta-Androcto!
i am in a happy mood now!!!