Fixed rotation manipulator gearing

(Tore Bahnson) #1

When I want to rotate an object and grab one of the rotational rings of the 3D manipulator, the gearing (or rotational ratio) doesn’t stay fixed. Moving the mouse away from the object, the gearing gets slower, moving it closer to the object’s center makes the gearing faster, until it gets to a point when it is so fast that the rotation is uncontrollable.
I wonder if there is any way to change this behavior? That is, so that there is a fixed rotation ratio, wherever the mouse (pointer) is relative to the object, and more importantly, where ever it is moved during the rotation of the object.

(Tore Bahnson) #2

Anybody, please?

(Mike J. Gee) #3

mmhhh… so… something like “fixed distance / rotation incremental” does not exist, really… But!!

If you are rotating with only the Left-Mouse-Button (LMB), than you have the behavior as you describe, cause it’s the “free one” (non restricted), which means the increment is 0.01 and the speed depends on the distance from the pivit-point. (as farer aways, as slower)

And now:

Using LMB + CTRL fixes the increments to 5.00
Using LMB + SHIFT fixes the increments to 0.01
Using LMB + SHIFT + CTRL fixes increments to 1.00

The distance again guides the speed, but not as “heavy” as the “normal” (LMB only) movement.

Imagine always the distance of the mouse-cursor as an orbit around the piv. As farer away, as longer ist the “way to move” for one increment.

(Tore Bahnson) #4

Thx for the answer, Mike. You’re right that restricting the motion by holding, say SHIFT+CTRL helps, but still it would be nice if there were an option to permanently switch to a “fixed mode” in preferences. I animate in an old fashioned stop-motion way, actually incrementialy moving my object and keying frame by frame, and it would be very awkward constantly pressing SHIFT+CTRL when animating. Wonder if anybody else has the need for a more controllable rotation, so this maybe could be made to an official feature request?

(Mike J. Gee) #5

mmhh… well, the only alternative I see is in using the N-panel’s transformation sliders. so if you go into rotation-y (f.e.) LMB into the slider area holding LMB and then add the CTRL and further combinations, you have on moving the mouse, the same incremental settings as if you would use the 3D-manipulators in 3D-View.

I do not see any other possibility, exept of this r-key -> y-key -> rotation value -> ENTER “thing on the keyboard” to do this in a repetive way.

BTW: The CRTL & movement/rotation/scale/etc. is by default on 5.0 increments. You can change this value via Userprefs - Input ->Speed Factor ! If You set this f.e. to 10.0, then you have an 10.0 increment with CTRL & LMB - The downside: This effects any movement/rotation and other stuff, which is binded to the CTRL & LMB mouse-movement.

(Tore Bahnson) #6

Thanks, MJG! :slight_smile: